Infrastructure Details

The total built up area covers 7200 sq. mtrs. The area which is left vacant is 2.4 acres. The entire building is divided into four storeys comprising of three different wings i.e., Right Wing, Left wing and Middle Wing and one basement. The Right Wing lodges the 3 Science Labs, The Left Wing has the Computer Labs and the Library is lodged in the Middle Wing. Among the other facilities, we also have a swimming pool, covering an area of 25 X 12.5 mtrs. The skating rink occupies an area of 54 ft X 46 ft. The total size of Gym is 29 ft X 24 ft 5 inches. The Basket Ball ground is of 100 ft X 49 ft 8 inches. The overall Garden size of the school is 11223 sqft. The area covered by each of the classrooms is 20ft X 22 ft.


Laboratories: ( Each lab covers an area of 20 ft X 44 ft)

3 Science Labs: Chemistry Lab, Physics Lab, Biology lab

4 Computer Labs: Pre Primary Comp Lab, Primary Comp Lab-2,Senior Comp Lab

1 Maths Lab ( Covering an area of 20 ft X 22 ft)

Smart Classes + 1 Web Resource Centre


Library: ( covering an area of 2500 sq. ft)

Senior Library

Junior Library