Vikas Bharati Public School

Class Vi

Maths sample

Science sample paper final term 2018-19

Sample paper english.

Computer blue print final term

Sst sample paper

(blue print ) - mathematics - final term

Sample paper hindi

Class Vii

Sample paper hindi

Final terminal examination blueprint

Sample paper english

Sample paper science

Social science sample

Blue print mathematics

Sample paper mathematics

Class Viii

Mathematics sample paper

Science sample paper

Final terminal examination computer science

Hindi sample paper

Social science sample paper

English sample paper

Class iX

French revolution asignment .

Political science assignment


Physical features of india

India-size and location

Physics assignment 1 class ix

Assignment on ch-floatation

natural vegetation & wildlife

natural vegetation & wildlife


Number system


Natural resources

History chapter – 5

Geography ch 5

Math sample paper

Hindi sample

English sample paper

Sample paper of science

Sample paper with blueprint

Climate notes

It syllabus

introduction to it and ites

Data entry and keyboarding skills

Digital documentation

Electronic spreadsheet

Digital presentation


Class X

Assessment class 10




physics class x for sa1

Assignment on ch-reflection of light

Distribution of minerals

Chapter 6 notes

Nationalism-in indo-china

Lifelines of national economics

Sst notes

History chapter 3


Sample paper mathematics pt2

Sample paper science pt2

Sample paper english session 2018-19

Sample paper social science

Hindi sample paper

Gography chapter- 5


Class Xi


Computer science notes


Hardware concept

Information security


Biology sample paper

Maths assignment

Maths practice questions

Cyber law and ethics.

Holiday homework assigemnt

Informatics practices blue print

Physics sample paper

Sample paper history

Chemistry sample paper

Sample paper business studies

Economics sample paper

Sample paper of accountancy

Sample paper math

Mathematics sample paper

Pol science sample paper

Sample paper for informatics practices

English sample paper- 2018-19

Class Xii

Mathematics sample paper

Sample paper of hindi

Sample paper economics

Psychology sample paper

Networking and communication technology notes

Class V

Summer revision program for mathematics